workshops at salt

workshops are a great opportunity for you to focus on specific areas of the body, such as the back, hips or feet, as well as specific conditions, such as tight muscles or sore joints. within the small group setting at our studio, we are able to provide more individualized attention to our clients through our workshops. 

workshops at salt Pilates are taught by our highly-trained instructors.


Pilates & Self-Massage on the Foam Roller

NOVEMBER 11, 2017

using a foam roller as part of your regular Pilates practice can help increase balance and core strength, while challenging the muscles to perform movements. in addition, adding self-massage with the foam roller will release tightness in muscles and increase blood flow, allowing your body to heal faster. this workshop that will introduce you to the amazing benefits of foam rolling. 75 minutes.


Pilates for Balance & Strong Feet

DECEMBER 9, 2017

our feet are our foundation, providing stability for our bodies. this workshop will focus on Pilates exercises that will realign your body from the ground up! happy, healthy feet are important to your balance, ease of movement and help withstand the daily stresses placed on the body. regular footwork will also help relieve and prevent plantar fasciitis, bunions and edema. 75 minutes.